Cambridge A2 Key

A2 Key - Real World Reading Multiple Choice Exercise 14

Choose the best answer for each question.


Text Message

Tom, do you remember which page we reached in the project manual? I can't remember. - Helen

  1. Helen wants to know where they stopped in the project manual.
  2. Helen wants to know if Tom has the project manual.
  3. Tom forgot the project manual.



Hey Jane, I'm planning to visit the aquarium on Saturday. Do you want to come? Best, Sam.

  1. Jane is inviting Sam to visit the aquarium.
  2. Sam has bought Jane a ticket to the aquarium.
  3. Sam will be at the aquarium on Saturday.




Join our baking competition! The best cake will win a set of baking tools. Bring your cake on 25th November.

  1. You can win a cooking class.
  2. You can win baking tools by baking a cake.
  3. You must bake your cake in the school.


Text Message

John, did you leave your charger in meeting room 3? I found one there. - Sarah

  1. Sarah left her charger in meeting room 3.
  2. Sarah found a charger in meeting room 3.
  3. John found his charger.



For Sale

Used violin, perfect for beginners. Please contact the Music Department for more details.

  1. The violin can be played in the music department.
  2. The violin is only for professional players.
  3. A used violin is for sale.



Jason, I've purchased the concert tickets for Friday. Can you make it? All the best, Lisa.

  1. Lisa is attending the concert on Friday.
  2. Lisa wants Jason to buy more concert tickets.
  3. Jason and Lisa are performing at the concert on Friday.

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