Cambridge A2 Key

A2 Key - Real World Reading Multiple Choice Exercise 9

Choose the best answer for each question.


Text Message

Hello Phil, the museum trip today was great! I put some photos on Facebook, you can see them and tell me what you think. John.

What should Phil do?

  1. Put his photos on Facebook.
  2. Tell John what he thinks of the photos.
  3. Ask John for copies of the photos.



Out of order!

The lift is broken. Please use the stairs above floor 4. The lift should be repaired tomorrow.

  1. If your office is on floor 7, you will need to use the lift.
  2. The stairs will be repaired by tomorrow.
  3. If your office is on floor 3, you can use the lift.



Dear Mr. Smith, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are addressing your complaint and will get back to you soon. Regards, Customer Service.

  1. The company is responding to Mr. Smith's complaint.
  2. Mr. Smith is satisfied with the service.
  3. The company has resolved Mr. Smith's complaint.




Today's Special: Vegan lentil curry with rice for $3.95.

  1. The special today is beef stew.
  2. Vegan lentil curry with rice is the special today.
  3. This special dish will be available every day.


Text Message

Sue, are you going to the staff meeting at 4pm? - Chris

  1. Chris is informing Sue about the staff meeting.
  2. Sue has to attend a staff meeting alone.
  3. Chris is asking Sue about a staff meeting.



Dear Jane, I noticed that you left your phone at the office. I will keep it safe until you can collect it. Regards, Brian

What should Jane do?

  1. Call the office to ask about her phone.
  2. Collect her phone from Brian.
  3. Tell Brian her phone is missing.

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