Cambridge A2 Key

A2 Key - Real World Reading Multiple Choice Exercise 6

Choose the best answer for each question.




Canteen Rule: Please clear your table after eating. Leave it clean for others.

  1. Please leave your table as soon as possible.
  2. You must clean your table after eating.
  3. Don't share your table with others.



Hello valued customer, our winter sale is now on! Enjoy up to 50% off on select items. Best Regards, Marketing Team.

  1. The shop has a summer sale.
  2. The shop is having a winter sale with up to 50% off.
  3. The sale has now finished.



Dear Team, There's a client meeting scheduled for tomorrow at 10am. Please prepare. Regards, Manager.

What should the team do?

  1. Schedule a client meeting.
  2. Ask the manager about the client meeting.
  3. Prepare for a client meeting the next day.



I left the laundry in the dryer. Could you fold it and put it in the lounge, I will iron it later. Dad

  1. You should fold the laundry and put it in the cupboards.
  2. You should put the laundry in the dryer.
  3. You should leave the laundry ready for ironing.


Text Message

Hi Tom, do you remember when the deadline is for our quarterly report? - Helen

  1. Helen needs to know the deadline for the quarterly report.
  2. Helen has missed the deadline for the quarterly report.
  3. Tom has submitted the quarterly report.



Hello Zoe, we're going to a picnic this Sunday. Would you like to come along? All the best, Oliver.

  1. Oliver is asking Zoe what she wants to eat at the picnic.
  2. Oliver wants to know where the picnic is.
  3. Oliver is inviting Zoe to a picnic.

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