Cambridge A2 Key

A2 Key - Real World Reading Multiple Choice Exercise 5

Choose the best answer for each question.



Hello Everyone, the office car park will be closed this week as the lights are fixed. Please make other plans. Regards, Charles.

  1. People will have to work at home.
  2. People will have to park in a different place.
  3. People will have to arrive at work very early.



Tom, your keys are on the kitchen table. Don't leave without them! Sarah.

Why did Sarah write this note?

  1. To remind Tom where his keys are.
  2. To tell Tom she found his keys.
  3. To ask Tom to clean the kitchen table.



Dear John, I won't be in the office tomorrow due to a doctor's appointment. Best regards, Sarah.

  1. Sarah is inviting John to a doctor's appointment.
  2. Sarah will be late to work tomorrow.
  3. Sarah will not be at work tomorrow.



To all employees, tomorrow is going to be very hot so bring some loose, cool clothes when you come to work. The office opens at 10am. Regards, Mr. Wilson.

  1. Mr. Wilson hopes the weather will be nice tomorrow.
  2. Mr. Wilson is telling everyone that the office is closed tomorrow.
  3. Mr. Wilson is telling his employees to bring something to the office.


Text Message

Mike, are you joining us for drinks after work today? - Lisa

  1. Lisa is inviting Mike for drinks after work.
  2. Lisa is telling Mike about a party.
  3. Mike is hosting drinks after work.



John, could we have a chat in my office after lunch tomorrow? Regards, Manager.

  1. The Manager wants to have lunch with John.
  2. Meet the Manager in his office after lunch tomorrow.
  3. John is asked to bring lunch to the Manager's office.

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