Cambridge A2 Key

A2 Key - Real World Reading Multiple Choice Exercise 3

Choose the best answer for each question.




End of Season Sale! All swimwear now half price at the Campus Store.

  1. All items in the Campus Store are half price.
  2. The swimwear is sold out.
  3. Swimwear is half price.


Text Message

Jenny, could you please forward me the meeting agenda for tomorrow? - Mark

  1. Mark has the meeting agenda.
  2. Mark wants to schedule a meeting.
  3. Mark needs the meeting agenda.




Send in your best drawing of a beach scene by 31st August. The winner will get a holiday for two to Spain.

  1. You need to draw a beach in Spain.
  2. The competition involves drawing a beach scene.
  3. You have until the end of September to send a drawing.



Jason, I've got the tickets for the football match next week. Let me know if you're in. Cheers, Mark.

  1. Join Mark at the football match next week.
  2. Mark needs more tickets for the football match.
  3. Jason is selling football tickets to Mark.



Hi John, I can't find my wallet. Did you see me put it somewhere in the restaurant last night? Speak soon, Mike.

  1. Mike thinks John has his wallet.
  2. Mike is asking John is he has his wallet.
  3. Mike hopes that John knows where his wallet is.


Text Message

Hi Emma, just saw your car at the garage. They said it will be ready by 4 pm for you to get. John.

Why did John write this text message?

  1. To tell Emma about her car's status.
  2. To ask Emma to pick him up.
  3. To tell Emma that he saw her car.

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