Grammar Exercise: 'If Only' & 'I Wish' Tenses Multiple Choice


Choose the correct tense form for each sentence.

1. I wish our team ______ .

    did win

    had won

    has won

2. If only I ______ guitar!

    can play

    will play

    could play

3. I wish I ______ a million dollars.


    will have


4. If only we ______ the wrong road!

    hadn't taken

    had taken

    haven't taken

5. I wish they ______ us they were coming early.

    had told

    have told

    did tell

6. If only you ______ how to swim when you were younger!

    have learned

    will learn

    had learned

7. I wish we ______ that house.

    will buy

    could buy


8. I wish you ______ how surprised she was.

    could have seen


    have seen

9. I wish that warbler ______ closer so I could get a picture.

    would come

    will come

    has come

10. If only it ______ raining!

    can stop

    will stop

    would stop

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