Grammar Exercise: Conditional Forms Multiple Choice


Choose the correct conditional form for each sentence.

1. If I hadn't overslept, I ______ on time.

    will have been

    would have been

    will be

2. If you had eaten a good breakfast, you______ so hungry now.

    wouldn't be

    can't be

    won't be

3. I ______ that car if I had had more money at the time.

    could have bought

    could buy

    will buy

4. That horse could have won the race if he ______ hurt his leg.

    doesn't hurt

    hasn't hurt

    hadn't hurt

5. If I ______ harder for the test I would have gotten a better grade.

    had studied

    will study

    did study

6. If it hadn't rained, we ______ to the park.

    will have gone

    will go

    would have gone

7. If only we ______ the directions!

    will follow

    did follow

    had followed

8. If the road hadn't been icy, we ______ an accident.

    won't have

    wouldn't have had

    didn't have

9. He would have gone to work if he ______ sick.

    hadn't been

    won't be

    didn't be

10. If I had known you were coming, I ______ a cake.

    will bake

    would have baked

    would bake

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