Grammar Exercise: Letter of Complaint - Relative Pronouns Gap Fill


Look at this letter of complaint that Daniel writes to the owner of a hotel company. For each space, write the correct relative pronoun. If no relative pronoun is required, simply put "x" as the answer.

Dear Mr. Jeffries,

I want to complain about the hotel (1) I stayed last week, one of your company's hotels. I spent nearly $200 on the hotel, (2) I assumed would guarantee me some level of quality. That is a mistake (3) I won't be making again!

This was going to be a second honeymoon for my wife and I, which I think you can understand the importance of. The first problem we encountered was finding the place. The address given on your website was wrong. I asked someone who told me there were always tourists who were lost in the area. Please correct the address immediately to prevent other situations such as that (4) we suffered.

On arriving at the hotel, which had taken more than an hour, we were informed (5) we didn't have a reservation. Another twenty minutes passed before the receptionist, (6) name I cannot recall, found our e-mail and told us "there was an administrative error" by (7) I presume she means "the hotel is run like a circus".

We were finally shown to the room by a porter (8) was wearing a very dirty T-shirt. It was cold and there was a wind coming under the door, which all made my wife feel very upset.

I would like at the very least a refund of the money we spent so foolishly by staying in your hotel. I would also appreciate an honest explanation of why we had to tolerate such treatment during a stay that was supposed to be relaxing.


Daniel Marston

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