Grammar Exercise: The/The Comparatives Gap Fill


For each question, choose one word from the word list to complete the sentence. You may need to change the form of the word.

less - loud - severe - convoluted - cheap - more - good - few

  1. On our bus service, the later you catch a bus, the it is.
  2. Harry's always so stressed about work and the time he has for his family, the more miserable they are.
  3. The boss made it clear that the later the project was finished, the the punishments would be.
  4. We have a special offer on at the moment. The shoes you buy, the cheaper they are per item.
  5. This party is a disaster! The people come, the more embarrassing it's going to be.
  6. James is an awful liar. The his stories are, the more ridiculous he looks.
  7. I want these t-shirts to be black. Really black, the blacker the !
  8. What a crazy couple. The more he shouts, the she screams!

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