Grammar Exercise: Mixed Conditionals Gap Fill


Look at these mixed conditional sentences. For each question, choose a letter (A-H) for the correct sentence ending. Write ONLY the correct letter for each question.

a. I wouldn't be married to her now
b. my eyes wouldn't be so red and tired today
c. we wouldn't be so late
d. my sister might have been able to go to that party
e. I would have considered coming to visit you
f. I wouldn't have asked the bank for a loan
g. she could've gone to a better college
h. the match could have taken place last night

  1. If we'd left the house earlier,
  2. If I'd gone to bed at my normal time,
  3. If I had more money,
  4. If Sheila studied more,
  5. If the pitch was in better condition,
  6. If my parents weren't so strict,
  7. If the plane tickets were a little cheaper,
  8. If I hadn't gone into Celia's store to buy a coat,

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