Grammar Exercise: One Word Or Two? Multiple Choice Exercise 3


For each sentence, choose either the one-word or two word answer. Some of the answers might have hyphens!

1. Sorry we are so late, Kathy. We had a ________ on the way here and had to get the car towed to a mechanic.


    break down

2. If you are leaving the hotel tomorrow morning, you will need to ________ by 10am.


    check out

3. Thanks to the ________ woman who picked up the small girl, an accident was avoided.


    quick thinking

4. Make sure your ________ password is difficult to guess. You don't want to be hacked!


    log in

5. I don't want to ________ to the house after we leave, so please ensure you have everything you need!


    come back

6. After his messy divorce, Alan just wanted to ________ at home for months.


    hide away

7. Lara likes to do a quick cardio ________ for ten minutes before she leaves for work every day.


    work out

8. Can you ________ on dad this evening? I'm so worried about him.


    check up

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