Grammar Exercise: One Word Or Two Gapfill Exercise 2


Use either a one- or two-word answer from the word box to complete each sentence. For example, you can use either 'overtime' or 'over time'.

Be careful with the spelling of some of the answers!

all/right - log/in - a/lot - all/together - over/time

  1. These answers are , Maria! No mistakes at all.
  2. The new wall looks very odd at the moment, but it will blend in with the others in the garden.
  3. Kerry gave up college in her second year and left to travel the world.
  4. If you want to create a university account, with your university email account and follow the instructions.
  5. I like this bread , Janine. Have you got the recipe?
  6. They went into the haunted castle and ran out ten minutes later.
  7. My bank isn't working for some reason. I need to phone them immediately.
  8. I did so much in October for my boss and he bought me a wonderful gift as a thank you.

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