Grammar Exercise: Time Expressions Gap Fill


Choose one of the words/expressions from the table to put into each gap.

until      when      just as      before      as soon as      during      while      for

1. My mother worked for 42 years as a nurse she retired.

2. Don't talk the movie!

3. My sister always gets up she wakes up.

4. I had finished my lunch, I went out.

5. You watched TV three hours last night. Tonight, you have to do your homework!

6. I got home the mailman arrived and he gave me three postcards from Leo.

7. we were on vacation in Paris, we met a lot of friendly people.

8. leaving, send that e-mail to the sales department.

9. It wasn't the first time I'd met him. We'd met , in the 1980s.

10. the crowd was leaving, somebody shouted "fire" and started a panic.

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