Grammar Exercise: Short Responses


For each statement/question, choose the correct short response. Write the answer in the box. Remember to include the question marks or exlamation marks.

have I?
did he?
was he?
you weren't!
you didn't!
had he?
would he?
yes, I do!
I have!
didn't I?
  1. Has everyone understood this exercise?
  2. You've got mustard on your shirt?
  3. I was with Tony yesterday afternoon.
  4. He'd like to come with you tomorrow.
  5. My father was in the army for over twenty years.
  6. You didn't pass the exam.
  7. My brother worked in that office for a month.
  8. You don't like Maggie very much.
  9. I think he'd arrived at seven o'clock.
  10. I bought that shirt for only ten dollars.

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