Grammar Exercise: Supposed To


For each sentence, write the letter of the person who would say this.

1. You're supposed to have number plates on the back of your car.
2. You're not supposed to take more than three books.
3. You're supposed to keep your dog on a chain in this area.
4. You're not supposed to eat anything before your dinner.
5. You're supposed to be doing your homework now.
6. You're supposed to only talk English in class.
7. You're not supposed to talk in this library.
8. You're not supposed to play loud music after midnight. It disturbs the local residents.
9. You're supposed to have cleaned your room yesterday.
10. This is private land. You're not supposed to be here.
11. You're supposed to have finished that composition by today.
12. You're supposed to get to class at exactly 9am.

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