Grammar Exercise: Preposition Gap Fill


For each sentence, write in a preposition.

1. When I was younger, I was always so afraid going to the dentist's.

2. Your mother is looking forward going on that trip to Australia, isn't she?

3. The police were not convinced the man's honesty and charged him.

4. I would rather go to the disco stay here at home.

5. I'm not surprised he took that job. He has always been so keen computers.

6. But I am surprised how much money they want to pay him!

7. Mary isn't quite ready yet. She is in the kitchen looking her car keys.

8. Instead sitting here complaining about having nothing to do, go and do something constructive!

9. I don't have as much confidence in myself you seem to.

10. Are you really happy the life you have here in San Francisco, Jane?

11. In some Mediterranean cultures, respect your elders is the most important part of family life.

12. Tell me the new job you started today.

13. I'm very interested wildlife documentaries on TV.

14. Do you always travel about the town car?

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