Grammar Exercise: Quantifiers Question/Answer Match


Match the answers in the box with the questions below.

  1. There aren't any.
  2. Yes, we have a lot.
  3. I don't have much, but it's enough.
  4. Yes, a few.
  5. No, none.
  6. There isn't any.
  7. No, not too many.
  8. Just a little.

1. Do we have any eggs in the fridge?


2. How much water do we have left?


3. How many chairs do you have in your house?


4. Are there a lot of pages in that book?


5. Is there gas in the car?


6. We have enough beer for the party, don't we?


7. Do you have enough milk for the cake?


8. How much butter is there on the table?


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