Grammar Exercise: Using "Enough"


Choose one of the phrases containing "enough" from the table below to go into the spaces in each question.

enough money
big enough
clean enough
enough time
convincingly enough
well enough
enough experience
tall enough
warm enough
enough people

1. I don't think we have to go to the cinema now. It's nearly 9pm.

2. They didn't want me in the police because I wasn't .

3. If you can lend me £5, I will have to buy the CD.

4. I know I don't have for the job so I won't waste my time going for an interview.

5. If sign this petition, we can prevent them building the new road across that forest.

6. She lost the match simply because she didn't play .

7. Even if you use a greenhouse, it will never be to grow bananas in this climate.

8. The young girl limped to make her parents believe that she couldn't go to school.

9. This theatre isn't for the play to be performed here. We will need at least another 100 seats.

10. Clean this room again Mary. It's not for hotel guests to use.

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