Grammar Exercise: Bored or Boring?


Choose the correct form of the adjectives listed below to fill the spaces in the questions.


1. That horror film was too for me. I spent most of the time with my eyes closed!

2. Janine! Don't sit around looking so . Go and do something with your friends or at least watch something on the TV!

3. My job is so . I work 10 hours every day and then have to spend another hour or two doing paperwork for the next day.

4. I entered the dark room and suddenly the lights came on and everyone was shouting "Happy Birthday!". I was so .

5. We played a funny practical joke on our physics teacher today but he wasn't at all. He was actually really angry!

6. Why are you laughing? If two big dogs attacked you, you would also be really .

7. The most thing about Rosemary is that she won the lottery two years ago and never told anyone!

8. OK, it's after midnight and I am feeling really . Goodnight.

9. I find all of Woody Allen's films very .

10. Kevin thinks he's a very person but I always fall asleep when he starts to talk!

11. I think baseball is a game. I went to watch a game once and people just drank beer and ate burgers for four hours. No-one was watching the game.

12. Are you with your meal, sir? Is there anything else I can get for you?

13. Mark? Are you in what I have to say to you or do you want to continue to look out of the window?

14. I think being a nurse must be a very job. Looking after people must make you feel good about yourself.

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