Grammar Exercise: For or Since Gapfill


Fill in the spaces in these sentences with either "for" or "since".

1. the dentist took out that tooth of mine, it's been really painful. I should go back to her.

2. You have worked really well the morning coffee break. Well done!

3. You've been eating chips the whole of this film. Are you a little hungry?

4. I've been coming to this swimming pool over ten years.

5. Those two have been married 1985. They are the happiest couple I know.

6. I've had this diamond necklace a very long time.

7. Are you still unemployed? You've been without a job you decided to resign from that accountancy firm.

8. Mr. Gomez has been the Prime Minister Mrs. Gonzalez-Panis resigned in the spring.

9. Your sister has studied longer than any other student in her class for this exam.

10. I was born, I have always had one arm longer than the other. The doctors can't explain it!

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