Grammar Exercise: The Worried Father - Present Continuous Gap Fill


Jim is a worried father and phones his wife, Liz, to find out what the children are doing. Put the verbs into the present continuous. You may have to change the order of some words.

Jim: Liz, where are the children? I heard that a big storm (come) towards town.

Liz: Don't worry, Jim. Everybody is safe.

Jim: But, (Jane / riding) her bike in the street today?

Liz: Not any more. When it started to rain, she came in the house. Now, she (do) a jigsaw puzzle on the floor. Amy (try) to help her.

Jim: Is Nick in the garden? (play) soccer?

Liz: No, he's here too, Jim. He (study) for his French test at school tomorrow.

Jim: And, Sasha? Where is she?

Liz: She (help) me in the kitchen.

Jim: (she/cook)?

Liz: No! I (bake) a cake and she (clean) everything I use.

Jim: OK, I (come) home now!

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