Grammar Exercise: Comparative or Superlative Worksheet


Complete the sentences. Use a comparative (-er or more..) or a superlative (-est or most..).

1. We stayed at the hotel in the town. (cheap)

2. Our hotel was than all the others in the town. (cheap)

3. The United States of America is large but Canada is . (large)

4. What's canal in the world? (long)

5. He looked a bit sad yesterday but he looks today. (happy)

6. It was a terrible journey. It was journey of my life. (bad)

7. Ali, can you tell me what sport in your country is? (popular)

8. Everest is mountain in the world. (high)

9. We had a great holiday. It was one of holidays we've ever had. (enjoyable)

10. I prefer this bed to the other one. It's . (comfortable)

11. What's way of getting from here to the station? (quick)

12. Mr. and Mrs. Murphy have got four daughters. is 14. (old)

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