Grammar Exercise: Present Simple Gap Fill


Choose the correct form of the verb in brackets to complete each sentence. Be careful about the third person form.

1. Madrid (be) ________ the capital of Spain.


2. Othello (be) ________ a play by Shakespeare.


3. The River Thames (flow) ________ through London.


4. The World Cup (take place) ________ every four years.


5. People in Peru (speak) ________ Spanish.


6. A nurse (work) ________ in a hospital.


7. The earth (travel) ________ around the sun once every 365 days.


8. It (cost) ________ a lot of money to buy a bottle of champagne.


9. Please hurry - we (be) ________ so late!


10. It's very late, I (be) ________ so sorry!


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