Grammar Exercise: Letter Gap Fill


Use the verbs from the box below to fill in the spaces in the letter which Sara writes to Jackie. Be careful of the third person "s"!

play   like   work   want (x2)   say    have   come   go (x2)   meet   live

Hi Jackie,

How are you? I'm very well. I (1.) to tell you something about the person who (2.) with me here in my apartment.

His name is Mike and he (3.) from Canada. He is 27 and he (4.) in a big hotel near the center of the city. He really (5.) his job and he (6.) it because he (7.) a lot of new people every day from many different countries.

On the weekend, he (8.) swimming and sometimes we (9.) tennis or (10.) windsurfing together. He (11.) a very pretty girlfriend called Janet and they (12.) to get married next year!

OK, that's enough for now. Write soon.


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