Grammar Exercise: Present Simple - Positive or Negative?


Present Simple Worksheet - Positive or Negative? Each of these sentences uses the present simple - you have to decide if it is positive or negative.

Please use both the auxiliary verb (contracted: don't or doesn't) AND the main verb in the answer.

1. I (drink) wine very much. I prefer beer.

2. People (use) public transport often in this city because it is good and cheap.

3. People in the north of Switzerland (speak) German.

4. My ankle hurts! I (want) to continue playing tennis.

5. My sister (sleep) very well in the summer. She says it's always far too hot for her.

6. Kenny lives in Japan and he (teach) English at a school near Tokyo.

7. Those apples (cost) much. I want ten, please.

8. My computer (work) properly. What is the problem with it?

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