Grammar Exercise: Charlie Parker 2


Read this short paragraph about Charlie. Then complete the questions and answers below. Remember, this is the past simple. Use contractions for negatives, i.e. didn't/wasn't

Yesterday was a terrible day for Charlie Parker. He was a very sad :-( man. He got up at 8a.m. because his alarm clock was broken. So he didn't have a big breakfast and he was very hungry. He couldn't find his Rolls Royce car so he rode to work on his bicycle in the rain. His boss was very angry with him so he had lunch alone in the post office. He was very busy yesterday so he finished work at 6.30p.m. His wife went to the cinema with his boss so Charlie had dinner alone too! He didn't want to watch TV and he went to bed at 10p.m.

1. Q: Charlie Parker happy yesterday?
   A: No, he wasn't.

2. Q: What time he get up yesterday?
   A: At 8am.

3. Q: he get to work yesterday?
   A: By bicycle.

4. Q: Who have lunch with yesterday?
   A: Nobody. He ate alone.

5. Q: have lunch yesterday?
   A: In the post office.

6. Q: What finish work yesterday?
   A: At 6.30pm.

7. Q: Did he have dinner with his wife yesterday?
   A: No, .

8. Q: How long did he watch TV yesterday?
   A: He TV yesterday.

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