Grammar Exercise: Charlie Parker 1


Read this short paragraph about Charlie. Then complete the questions and answers below. Remember, this is the present simple. You may need up to 3 words to fill some spaces!

Every day for Charlie Parker is wonderful. He is a very happy :-) man. He lives in a big house in Scotland and works for the post office. He gets up at 7a.m. and has a big breakfast. Then he drives to work in his Rolls Royce car. He has lunch in a café with his boss and then he works until 5p.m. After he goes home, he watches TV for an hour, has dinner with his wife and goes to bed at 11p.m.

1. Q: Where does Charlie live?
   A: In a big house in .

2. Q: Is Charlie Parker happy?
   A: Yes, .

3. Q: What time get up?
   A: At 7am.

4. Q: he get to work?
   A: By car.

5. Q: Who lunch with?
   A: His boss.

6. Q: Where do lunch?
   A: In a cafe.

7. Q: What finish work?
   A: At 5pm.

8. Q: Does he have a wife?
   A: Yes, .

9. Q: does he watch TV for?
   A: One hour.

10. Q: he go to bed?
   A: At 11pm.

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