Grammar Exercise: Forming Questions: Mary's Brother


Mary is a teacher who lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is 32 years old, has blonde hair and has a brother called David. David is 34 years old and is also a teacher. David lives in Scotland in a small apartment. His birthday is in August. He's married to Jane, who is 31 and an actress. They have a red BMW car.

Use the following information to choose the correct questions about Mary's brother.

1. David.
   What is she brother's name?
   What is the brother's name?
   What is her brother's name?

2. 34.
   How old is David?
   How many years has David?
   How many years does David have?

3. He is a teacher like his sister.
   What is the work of David?
   What is David's work?
   What is David's job?

4. In Scotland?
   Where does live David?
   Where lives David?
   Where does David live?

5. No, he doesn't. He lives in an apartment?
   David lives in a house?
   Does David live in a house?
   David does live in a house?

6. In August. So he's a Leo.
   When is his birthday?
   When is he born?
   When his birthday is?

7. Yes, he is. To Jane, who is 31 years old.
   He is married?
   Is he married?
   Does he married?

8. She is an actress.
   What is Jane job?
   What do Jane do?
   What does Jane do?

9. Yes, they do. A BMW.
   Have they a car?
   Do they has a car?
   Do they have a car?

10. It's red.
   What color is the car?
   What is the color car?
   What color the car is?

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