Grammar Exercise: 'Have' Expressions Short Answers


Choose the best answers to each "have" expression.

1. Do you want to have a coffee?

    No, I prefer tea.

    No, the kitchen is small.

2. Sit down and have a rest.

    Only one time.

    I'm not tired.

3. What time do you have breakfast?

    About 7.45am.

    Cornflakes and coffee.

4. I have very bad dreams.

    I'm frightened.

    I'm tired.

5. She has a skirt on and a yellow jumper.

    She must have a big wardrobe.

    She must be cold.

6. I have a good time with Jenny.

    I enjoy it.

    I like her.

7. They have short hair.

    Because they're old.

    Because it's summer.

8. Let's have a game of tennis.

    I don't have a TV.

    I don't want to.

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