Grammar Exercise: Past Simple Worksheet: Tom's Day Yesterday.


Fill in the boxes with the correct form of each verb.


return     go     have     dream     leave     have     arrive     say     take     ask     read     go     read     go     buy     not     take     read     take     swim     leave     be     watch     go     drink

Tom got up very early yesterday morning and a bath. Then he down to the kitchen and two pieces of toast and a glass of milk. Tom works in the local hospital and, yesterday he the house at about 8 o'clock.

He the number ten bus and he at work at 8.30. He 'good morning' to his secretary, Maura, and then he all the letters that were on his table. Then he Maura for a cup of coffee and he four very important letters.

At one o'clock, Tom for lunch in a cafe and his newspaper. He to the office at two o'clock and at six. He the bus because a friend him in the car.

In the evening, he in the local swimming pool and shopping in the local supermarket where he a lot of food. He very tired in the evening so he television. He to bed at 11 o'clock and he about winning the lottery.

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