Grammar Exercise: Verbs Used Only In Present Simple


You need to fill the spaces here with verbs that are normally only used in the simple form, not the continuous. Here though, the verbs can be used in both simple and continuous forms but with different meaning.

smell - have - be - think - depend

1. I have two dogs but my best friend, Sandra, five!

2. The dog terrible. Let's give him a bath.

3. I that racist people are very stupid.

4. We of buying a new house next year.

5. John a big party at his house this evening. Let's go there!

6. Kate is in the garden. She your lovely roses.

7. I on you to bring your CDs to the party this evening. Don't forget.

8. Your husband very silly. Look! He is dancing on the table.

9. I want to play tennis tomorrow but it on the weather.

10. Your boss very generous. Why don't you ask him for a pay rise?

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