Dialogue Question Word Gap Fill Quiz

Read this conversation between Kathy and her work colleague, Darren. Choose the best word for each space. There is only ONE word per space.

Kathy: (1) do you live, Darren. Are you in the city or in the suburbs?

Darren: In a suburb called Kingston. I have a pretty little house with my wife.

Kathy: Yes, I know Kingston. How (2) does it take you to get to work? It's not far, is it?

Darren: No, it's near. I get to work in about fifteen minutes.

Kathy: That's quick! (3) do you travel to work?

Darren: By car. What (4) do you leave home to come to work, Kathy.

Kathy: Before you! It takes me 45 minutes to get to work. I leave the house at about 7.45.

Darren: (5) do you leave so early?

Kathy: Because I have a coffee with my friend Denise before work!

Darren: (6) time do you arrive in the office?

Kathy: About 8.55. Do you like living in Kingston, Darren? (7) do you do at the weekends?

Darren: There's a big park and we go there with the children. How (8) children do you have, Kathy?

Kathy: Children? No, I'm too busy working!

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