Grammar Exercise: Regular & Irregular Verbs Gapfill


Complete each sentence using the verbs in the brackets. Think carefully about regular and irregular verbs!

  1. My sister (buy) a beautiful leather jacket yesterday. It was so expensive.
  2. Can you tell me if the 6.43 train to Chicago (leave) on time or not?
  3. Don't give me that book, I (read) it last year and hated it!
  4. Every Sunday when I was a child, the whole family (visit) my grandparents in the country.
  5. My wife (watch) a horror movie on TV last night until midnight.
  6. I didn't write that letter, Pete. Your brother (write) it.
  7. The hotel was great and so quiet too. We (sleep) so well. Today, I feel very relaxed.
  8. We hope that you (enjoy) your stay with us. Come again soon!

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