Grammar Exercise: The Angry Boss - Present Continuous Gap Fill


Read this dialogue between Amanda, the boss, and her colleague, David. Fill in the spaces with verbs in the present continuous.

Amanda: David, can you come in here please?

David: Yes, Amanda?

Amanda: What (do) on the Carson deal at the moment?

David: Many things. I (collect) a list of fax numbers and e-mail addresses and I (send) important documents to the others on the Carson team.

Amanda: It's not enough. Things (move) too slowly on the deal. I want everybody working on this. I (work) on this every day until midnight. Even my doctor husband (help) me and I (sleep) only five hours a night. I'm exhausted!

David: I'm sorry, Amanda. It's true everything (happen) too slowly. What do you want me to tell the others on the team?

Amanda: What (everyone/do) now?

David: Well, Mary (prepare) a brochure, Charlie (do) the financial side and Kate (update) the website.

Amanda: You need to do more, David. We can meet next week and see if things are better.

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