Grammar Exercise: Contractions Gap Fill


Use contractions to complete these sentences. Use the prompts in the brackets to help you. In one answer, you need TWO words.

  1. The train is late and (we/be) very unhappy.
  2. I'm tired and (it/be) late. I'm going to bed.
  3. Jack is my boss and he (be/not) a very kind man.
  4. Alice and Sharon are sisters. (they/be) very similar.
  5. If you are hungry, (there/be) some cheese and bread.
  6. We (be/not) happy with the results and we want you to do it again.
  7. I (have/not) got the time to talk to you for very long.
  8. Why (you/be/not) at school? Are you on vacation?

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