Grammar Exercise: 'Going To' Matching


What are they going to do? Match the two sentence halves by putting the correct letter into each space.

A. He's going to sneeze.
B. She's going to take her in the house.
C. She's going to complain.
D. She's going to buy some books.
E. She's going to get off the bus.
F. He's going to call reception.
G. They are going to go out.
H. He's going to call the police.

1. Erica is in a restaurant. She's tasting her soup. It's cold!


2. John is on his vacation in Hawaii. He's in his hotel room. He's looking at his bed. There are no pillows.


3. Gemima is playing with her young daughter in the garden. It's starting to rain.


4. Two men are robbing a bank. Mike is outside in the street. He's looking in his jacket for his cellphone.


5. Jane is in her local bookstore. She sees that all John Grisham books are on sale with a 20% discount. She loves Grisham!


6. Graham is using pepper in the kitchen. He's closing his eyes and holding his nose.


7. Karen is on a bus. She's looking at a map. She stands up.


8. Amy and Becky are in Amy's bedroom. They are looking out of the window. It's not raining any more. They are smiling.


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