Grammar Exercises - Elementary Level

Page 4


Spelling of Plurals
Different ways of making nouns plural in English.
Exercise Number: 1G111

Which Plural Is Right?
Which of the plurals are correct? Most of these are irregular.
Exercise Number: 1G155

Plurals Gap Fill Exercise
Regular and irregular plurals are used in this gap fill exercise.
Exercise Number: 1G156

Plurals Error Correction Quiz
Read each sentence and find the plural that has been mis-spelt.
Exercise Number: 1G157

Irregular Plurals Multiple Choice Exercise
Which form of the irregular plural is correct?
Exercise Number: 1G167

F/Fe Plurals Multiple Choice Exercise
Practice of plurals for words ending in F and FE.
Exercise Number: 1G169

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Dialogue Spelling Correction Quiz
Read this dialogue and find the spelling mistake that there is on each line.
Exercise Number: 1G119

Present Continuous Spelling Exercise
All these sentences use the Present Continuous. But sometimes the present participle is spelt badly.
Exercise Number: 1G122

Find The Bad Spelling
In each sentence, there is one badly spelt word. Can you find it and correct it?
Exercise Number: 1G137

Wordlist - Good or Bad Spelling?
Which of these words in the list have been mis-spelt?
Exercise Number: 1G138

Difficult Spelling Definition Quiz
Can you spell the word after reading the definition and first letter?
Exercise Number: 1G140

Spelling Rules Matching Exercise
Match each words with the relevant spelling rule.
Exercise Number: 1G135

Common Mis-Spellings Multiple Choice Exercise
Which of these spellings of common words is correct and which is wrong?
Exercise Number: 1G136

Common Mis-Spellings Multiple Choice Exercise 2
Which of these spellings of common words is correct and which is wrong?
Exercise Number: 1G139


Multiple Choice Quiz
Choose the correct adverb of manner (well, badly, slowly, etc) to complete the sentences.
Exercise Number: 1G175

Multiple Choice Quiz 2
Exercise Number: 1G176

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