Cambridge B2 First

B2 First (FCE) - Speaking Practice Five

Here, you have a full Speaking test. What the examiner says is shown in italics.

Speaking Part One: Interview

2 minutes

Good morning/afternoon. My name is ________ and this is my colleague ________.
And your names are?
Can I have your mark sheets please?
Thank you.

Where are you from, (Candidate A)?
And you, (Candidate B)?

(General questions will be asked, selected from the following)


Do you live in a large house?
Could you describe your family home to me?
What type of house would you like to live in?

Spare time

What do you spend your time doing?
Do you enjoy reading?
Tell me about an interesting hobby you would like to take up in the future.
Who do you spend your free time with?


Do you use the internet to study English?
Can you remember your first English lessons?
What do you find most difficult about English?

Speaking Part Two: Long Turn

4 minutes

In this part of the test, I'm going to give each of you two photographs. I'd like you to talk about your photographs on your own for about a minute, and also to answer a question about your partner's photographs.

(Candidate A), it's your turn first. Here are your photographs.

They show two animals you can own.

I'd like you to compare the photographs, and say what would be difficult about owning each of these animals.

[Candidate A speaks for about one minute.]

(Candidate B), which of these animals would you prefer to own?

[Candidate B speaks for about 30 seconds.]

pets 1
pets 2

Now, (Candidate B), here are your photographs.

They show different household jobs you sometimes have to do.

I'd like you to compare the photographs, and say what you would dislike about each of these jobs.

[Candidate B speaks for about one minute.]

(Candidate A), which of these jobs would you least like to do?

[Candidate A speaks for about 30 seconds.]

chores 1
chores 2

Speaking Part Three: Collaborative Task

4 minutes

Now, I'd like you to talk about something together for about two minutes.

I'd like you to imagine that you are organising a party for some ten-year old children. What activities would you like to plan? Here are some ideas.

First, you have some time to look at the task.

Now talk to each other about why each of these activities might be successful.

Collaborative Task

Children's Party

  • swimming pool
  • visit from local theatre group
  • hire musician/singer
  • author reading from children's books
  • foods of the world
  • painting workshop
  • young Olympics

[Candidates talk for about 2 minutes]

Now, you have about a minute to decide which of these party activities would be most enjoyable at a children's party.

Speaking Part Four: Discussion

4 minutes

Discussion Topics:

Use the following questions, as appropriate.

Can children do something educational and still have fun?

Did you have birthday parties when you were younger?

Have you ever been to a surprise party?

Apart from parties, what other events can parents organise for their children to celebrate a birthday?

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