Cambridge B2 First

B2 First - Key Word Transformations Exercise 31

You need to take the information in the first sentence and re-write it, using the word in bold so that the second sentence has exactly the same meaning. You cannot change the word in bold in ANY way. You can use only a maximum of FIVE words for each space.

1. There's a total lack of communication in our team.
Our communication at all.

2. It's not necessary for you to attend the meeting.
You the meeting.

3. Why not join us for dinner tonight?
She for dinner tonight.

4. I didn't accept the job offer from the prestigious company.
I from the prestigious company.

5. This painting is undoubtedly a masterpiece by Monet.
There's a masterpiece by Monet.

6. The mechanic fixed her car.
She by the mechanic.

7. It's possible she was in the garden, so she didn't hear the phone ring.
She the garden, so she didn't hear the phone ring.

8. Winning this chess match is now beyond our reach.
There is this chess match now.

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