Cambridge B2 First

B2 First (FCE) - Writing Test Three

Time: 1hr 20mins

Part One

You must answer this question. Write your answer in 140-190 words in an appropriate style on the separate answer sheet.

1. Someone visited your English class and gave an interesting talk about robots. Now, your English teacher has asked you to write an essay.

Write an essay using all your notes and giving reasons for your point of view.

Robots will have a beneficial effect on our society. Do you agree with this statement?


Write about....

1. The workplace
2. Sports & entertainment
3. ................ (your own idea)

Part Two

Write an answer to one of the questions 2-4 in this part. Write your answer in 140-190 words in an appropriate style on the separate answer sheet.

2. You see this announcement in the window of a film rental shop:

Film Reviews Wanted

Horror! Horror!

Get out from behind the sofa and write a review of a film that made you very scared! What did you like about this film? Do you like watching horror movies?

We will publish the best reviews on our website next month.

Write your review.

3. You see this announcement on an English cookery website:

Articles Wanted

An Unforgettable Meal

Is there a meal that you can still remember years later? What made it special? Who were you with? Was this a home-cooked meal?

Write an article for us recounting your favourite meal.

We will publish the best articles on the website next month.

Write your article.

4. This is part of an email that you have received from your English-speaking friend, Diana:

From: Diana Fontana <>
Subject: Some info, please.


Some friends of mine are planning to visit your country in the summer. They have asked me to contact you to see if you could give them any useful information before they leave.

Can you tell me what type of attractions are there for tourists in your town or the surrounding areas? They are particularly keen on trying some regional food. What is the best way for them to travel around and do you have any ideas for the best accommodation? Many thanks in advance.

Bye for now.


Write your email.

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