Cambridge B2 First

B2 First - Key Word Transformations Exercise 10

In these exercises, you need to take the information in the first sentence and re-write it, using the word in bold so that the second sentence has exactly the same meaning. You cannot change the word in bold in ANY way. You must use a minimum of TWO and a maximum of FIVE words for each space. Contractions, which count as two words, should only be used for negatives: e.g. don't / hadn't / wouldn't, etc.

1. You should have finished that report, not John!
You that report, not John!

2. Is this the right bus for San Diego?
Could is the right bus for San Diego?

3. "Sorry I'm late," Mark whispered as he took his seat in the cinema.
Mark apologised .

4. This train is late. It was supposed to arrive five minutes ago.
This train five minutes ago.

5. If you continue to drink, you will get drunk.
, the drunker you will get.

6. Bring me the phone book if you happen to find it.
If book, bring it to me.

7. I have no memory of my first day at school.
I to school on my first day.

8. I didn't forget to buy the bread. Here it is!
I . Here it is!

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