C1 Advanced Exam Guide: Open Cloze

Reading & Use of English Paper


Context: Part 2 of the Reading & Use of English paper features a text with eight gaps. Unlike multiple choice cloze, this part provides no word options for each gap, requiring candidates to generate the missing words based on their knowledge of grammar and the context of the text.

Task: The gaps typically require candidates to fill in grammatical words such as articles, auxiliaries, prepositions, pronouns, and verb forms, as well as lexico-grammatical words like phrasal verbs, linkers, and words within fixed phrases.

Objective: To evaluate the candidate's command of grammar and their ability to understand and complete a cohesive and coherent text.

Scoring & Marks: The eight questions are worth eight points, so one point for each. There are 78 points available for the whole Reading & Use of English paper.

How to Approach

  1. Contextual Analysis: Before attempting to fill the gaps, read the entire text to understand its overall theme and the flow of ideas.
  2. Grammatical Awareness: Focus on the grammatical structure surrounding each gap, as it often provides clues about the missing word.
  3. Lexico-Grammatical Knowledge: Be prepared to fill gaps with words that are part of fixed expressions or phrasal verbs.
  4. Precision: The required word must precisely fit the grammatical, contextual, and collocational constraints of the gap.

Example Question

1. The first night's talk will touch on topics as ornithology and global warming.

Assessment Focus

This part assesses the candidate's grammatical knowledge and their ability to use it within the context of a complete text.


How It Looks

example Open Cloze question from C1 Advanced
C1 Advanced, Example Open Cloze Question

Student Suggestion

"I asked someone in my family to use a black marker pen to cover up certain grammar words in articles in magazines, things I found interesting. It helped my motivation." - Lucia Moreno

Practice Exercises

We have a page on the site to practise: C2 Proficiency: Open Cloze Exercises

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