B2 First Exam Guide: Key Word Transformations

Reading & Use of English Paper


Context: Part 4 of the Reading & Use of English paper involves six key word transformation questions, testing both lexical and grammatical knowledge.

Task: Candidates transform a lead-in sentence to a new sentence that means the same, using a given key word and writing between two and five words, including the key word.

Objective: To assess candidates' ability to paraphrase and use language flexibly, maintaining the meaning of the original sentence.

Scoring & Marks: The answer is split into two parts. The six questions are worth twelve points, so two points for each. There are 70 points available for the whole Reading & Use of English paper.

How to Approach

  1. Word Limit: Ensure the answer is within the two to five-word limit, including the key word.
  2. Key Word Usage: Use the key word exactly as given without altering it.
  3. Attention to Sentence Structure: Pay attention to the grammatical structure of the sentence, particularly verbs, which may indicate the required form of the noun or verb.
  4. Answer Format: Write only the words needed to fill the gap, including the key word.

Example Question

4. I regret not speaking to Marge sooner.
I wish ______________________________ sooner.

Assessment Focus

This part tests candidates' ability to understand and manipulate language structures and express ideas differently.


How It Looks

example Key Word Transformations question from B2 First
B2 First, Example Key Word Transformations Question

Student Suggestion

"Key word transformations became easier for me once I started practising paraphrasing regularly. I also found it helpful to focus on the different ways a single message can be expressed." - Clara Schmidt

Practice Exercises

We have a page on the site to practise: B2 First: Key Word Transformations Exercises

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