B1 Preliminary Exam Guide: Open Cloze

Reading Paper


Context: In this final section of the B1 Preliminary Reading paper, candidates work with a text that contains six gaps.

Task: Candidates read a short text with six numbered spaces and fill each gap with a single, appropriate word.

Objective: To test knowledge of grammatical structures, phrasal verbs, and common fixed phrases.

Scoring & Marks: The six questions are worth six points, so one point for each. There are 32 points available for the whole Reading paper.

How to Approach

  1. Skim the Text: Initially, skim read the whole text to understand the topic and general meaning.
  2. Analyse Each Gap: Consider each gap in turn, thinking of a word that fits and makes sense in the context.
  3. Check Spelling: Ensure that the spelling of each word is correct.
  4. Review for Coherence: After completing the gaps, read the text again to confirm it flows and makes sense.

Example Question

6. The room is dark; could you turn the lights, please?

Assessment Focus

This section tests candidates' understanding of grammatical structures, along with knowledge of phrasal verbs and common fixed phrases.


How It Looks

example Open Cloze question from B1 Preliminary Exam
B1 Preliminary Exam, Example Open Cloze Question

Student Suggestion

"To strengthen my skills for this part, I regularly did crossword puzzles and word-fill exercises. They were really useful for practising how to use grammar and common phrases in context." - Jana Novak

Practice Exercises

We have a page on the site to practise: Open Cloze Exercises

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