B1 Preliminary Exam Guide: Multiple Choice Comprehension

Reading Paper


Context: This third part of the B1 Preliminary reading paper involves a detailed comprehension of a text expressing an opinion or attitude, followed by multiple-choice questions.

Task: Candidates are presented with a text followed by five multiple-choice questions, each with four options.

Objective: To understand both the detailed and global meaning of the text, as well as the writer's attitude or opinion.

Scoring & Marks: The five questions are worth five points, so one point for each. There are 32 points available for the whole Reading paper.

How to Approach

  1. Skim the Text: Begin by skimming the text to understand the topic and general meaning.
  2. Read Carefully: Then read the text more carefully for a deeper understanding.
  3. Analyse Questions: Approach each question individually, comparing each option with the text.
  4. Confirm Choices: After choosing an answer, re-check it against the text.
  5. Order and Global Meaning: Note that questions usually follow the order of the text, with the last question focusing on the overall meaning.

Example Question

"Driving is an important responsibility and we should always take it seriously," begins David. "We often overlook the basics. Like, for instance, regular maintenance of your vehicle is crucial. A well-functioning vehicle can greatly reduce the risk of accidents."

1. According to David, why is vehicle maintenance important?

    It saves money in the long run.

    It reduces the risk of accidents.

    It helps the vehicle last longer.

    It improves the vehicle's performance.

Assessment Focus

This section assesses understanding of the text's detailed content, overall meaning, and the writer's attitude or opinion.


How It Looks

example Multiple Choice Comprehension question from B1 Preliminary Exam
B1 Preliminary Exam, Example Multiple Choice Comprehension Question

Student Suggestion

"Regularly reading opinion pieces and editorials helped me understand different perspectives and improve my ability to answer multiple-choice questions based on the writer's viewpoint." - Hina Yamamoto

Practice Exercises

We have a page on the site to practise: B1 Preliminary: Reading Multiple Choice Comprehension Exercises

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