B1 Preliminary Exam Guide: Gapped Text

Reading Paper


Context: In this part of the B1 Preliminary Reading paper, candidates engage with a longer text from which sentences have been removed.

Task: Candidates read a text with five numbered spaces and select the appropriate sentences from eight options to fill these gaps. Three sentences will not be used.

Objective: To demonstrate the ability to understand and follow the narrative of a text, as well as to recognize how a coherent and well-structured text is formed.

Scoring & Marks: The five questions are worth five points, so one point for each. There are 32 points available for the whole Reading paper.

How to Approach

  1. Read the Text: First, read the entire text to grasp the narrative or argument.
  2. Analyse Each Gap: Look at each gap and select a sentence that fits, considering both grammar and narrative flow.
  3. Check Fit: Ensure the chosen sentence aligns with the surrounding text.
  4. Eliminate Options: Decide why the other sentences do not fit.
  5. Review: After filling all gaps, read the text again to confirm it makes sense.

Example Question

The best part of the job was definitely the people I worked with. They were all so kind and friendly, always ready to lend a helping hand. _____4_____ We often shared jokes and stories as we worked, which made the days pass quickly. The friendship made the long hours bearable.

A. I learned a lot from them and they made me feel part of the team.

Assessment Focus

This section evaluates the ability to follow a text's narrative and structure, and understand the attitudes and opinions expressed within it.


How It Looks

example Gapped Text question from B1 Preliminary Exam
B1 Preliminary Exam, Example Gapped Text Question

Student Suggestion

"I improved in this part by practising with articles and essays, deliberately removing sentences and then trying to place them back in the correct order the next day. It helped me understand how texts are structured." - Alex Kawilarang

Practice Exercises

We have a page on the site to practise: B1 Preliminary: Reading Gapped Text Exercises

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