A2 Key Exam Guide: Multiple Choice Cloze

Reading & Writing Paper


Context: This section is included in the A2 Key Reading & Writing paper and focuses on vocabulary and grammar.

Task: Read a short text with six gaps. Each gap has three word options, and the task is to choose the correct word for each gap.

Objective: To understand and correctly use words within their context. This part focuses mainly on vocabulary, but may include some grammar.

Scoring & Marks: The six questions are worth six points, so one point for each. There are 60 points available for the whole Reading & Writing paper.

How to Approach

  1. Skim for Understanding: Quickly skim the text to grasp the topic and general idea.
  2. Focus on Each Gap: For each gap, read the sentence thoroughly and choose the word that best completes it.
  3. Review Your Choices: After selecting a word, review the other options and understand why they are not suitable.
  4. Read Again: Once all gaps are filled, read the entire text again to ensure it makes sense.

Example Question

3. He told a ___________ joke at the party and everyone laughed.




Assessment Focus

This part assesses the understanding of words in context, focusing mainly on vocabulary, with some grammar aspects.


How It Looks

example Multiple Choice Cloze question from A2 Key Exam
A2 Key Exam, Example Multiple Choice Cloze Question

Student Suggestion

"I improved a lot in this section by doing lots of cloze exercises. It's not just about knowing words, but also understanding how they fit into different contexts." - Marcelo Silva

Practice Exercises

We have a page on the site to practise: A2 Key - Multiple Choice Cloze Exercises

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