Cambridge C1 Advanced

C1 Advanced - Word Formation Exercise 13

For each question, fill the space in the sentence using the base word given in bold at the end. The required word may be a noun, adverb, adjective or verb and it may be either positive (e.g. helpful) or negative (e.g. unhelpful).

1. When Jack Lobato was an gangster, local politicians would come to meet with him weekly.

2. Local legend says the land is protected by a giant tiger, but few believe in these old any longer.

3. This boxer is the champion of the world after this sixth victory.

4. I stretched and stretched, but simply didn't have the to reach the shelf.

5. Deborah was furious when she heard the comments that had been made about her.

6. Barry is only four years old and will be by both his parents for the audition.

7. After hearing his heartbreaking story, we were filled with for him.

8. The hotel was harshly for refusing to give refunds and the bad publicity harmed it.

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