Cambridge C1 Advanced

C1 Advanced - Word Formation Exercise 7

For each question, fill the space in the sentence using the base word given in bold at the end. The required word may be a noun, adverb, adjective or verb and it may be either positive (e.g. helpful) or negative (e.g. unhelpful).

1. In with an ancient tradition, dinner will be served on blue china.

2. It's rare to see large sharks in the Mediterranean Sea.

3. The royal wedding finished with a 8-course meal in the evening.

4. Scientists used a simple beetle as the for their invention of a water-collecting bottle for hot climates.

5. A group of powerful invested in the new company and made a fortune.

6. Helen Weldon has been totally an a historian after it was shown she invented quotations.

7. In your , how much money do we need to save in order to buy the house?

8. Parking in the city centre can be a major due to the narrow streets.

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