Cambridge C1 Advanced

C1 Advanced - Open Cloze Exercise 7

For each space, choose ONE word which you think best completes the sentence. Look carefully at the words both before and after each space.

1. In response to the question, Mary said that as as she knew, the house was empty.

2. I knew there were rabbits in the park, but I've never seen that of them here before.

3. I need the name of the person car is parked right in front of mine. He's completely blocking me!

4. Go down to the building site quickly. There appears to been a bad accident.

5. We've now discovered you were the person who broke the door and in that , we cannot be held responsible.

6. This is a great book, only for those that are geology experts, but also for keen amateurs like myself.

7. I don't like type of spice, but pepper in particular, I can't stand.

8. I've read single book you can see in this room. I think I read three books a week.

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